Good Customer Service in Restaurants

To get value for your money, you need to choose a restaurant with good food and excellent customer service. Unkempt and untidy restaurants keep customers away. There are some things you need to pay attention to, to know if you are in a good restaurant or not. This article gives some simple ways on how to know you are in a restaurant with excellent customer service.

Hygiene Standards

Different people consider different aspects to judge the level of hygiene standards of restaurants. For instance, how clean the bathrooms and kitchen are, will communicate how sensitive a restaurant is to general hygiene. Good restaurants will always maintain high standards of cleanliness, even in minor and less sensitive areas in the restaurant.

Server’s Response to Customers

In a good restaurant, waiters should respond swiftly to customer requests. Customers are irked when they wait too long before being served once they place their orders. In most cases, this makes them not consider such restaurants in the future. Good restaurants will have excellent service and quick response to customer requests, regardless of how busy the servers are.

Food Service

Nothing is more frustrating than when you are having a group dinner, and one person fails to get a plate. This creates a bad image for the restaurant as far as customer service is concerned. In good restaurants, food is served together, and such things never happen.

Table Clearing

It’s annoying to start clearing the table when customers are still eating. This creates a feeling that they are being rushed out. On the other hand, staying with dirty plates on the table makes them feel neglected. In a good restaurant, waiters should have the right table clearance timing.

Now you know things you need to look at to tell if a restaurant has good or bad customer service.