Main Types of Wine Which You Should Know

If you want to start drinking wine, the first step is to know the types available. Many people think that wine can be identified by colour as red and white only. Wine identification is harder and goes beyond colour. To know the world of wine, you need to start by knowing the basic types of it. Here are the main types of wine.

White Wine

White wine is not made of white grapes alone, as many people think. It can be red or black grapes. What happens is that to make the white wine from red or black grapes, red pigments are extracted, and only the grape juice is used. Mostly, white wines have a savoury, creamy, and bright flavour.

Red Wine

Red wine is produced quite similar to white wine. However, the grape skin, seeds, and pips are added into the process of fermentation. To extract flavours, colour, aroma, and tannin, red wine is fermented at a higher temperature than white wine. Different levels of concentration are achieved by varying the fermentation duration.

Rose Wine

This wine is made from black or red grapes. The fermentation time for the rose wine is shorter than that of white or red wine. Rose wine can also be created by simply blending white wine and red wine. Its flavours range from sweet to dry, and it has a lower tannin level; the colour ranges from dark to pale pink.

Sweet or Dessert Wine

This wine has a sweet taste, and it is sometimes served with desserts hence the name. Some people drink it as an aperitif or for rinsing their palate after meals.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is mostly used in celebrations. Sparkling happens because of carbon dioxide, which is either added or naturally occurs during the fermentation process.

Next time you are taking a glass of wine, you will have an idea of how the grapes were converted to your favourite drink.